Places and reasons to Visit in Lisbon

From Castelo de São Jorge to the banks of Tejo. The Tour to Lisbon city: the fascinating city that reveals its magic in every corner. The city of the Seven Hills is a wonderful example of synergy between tradition and modernity.

Why come to Lisbon?

The reasons are many, many, many: you have good food, great wines, the people are very kind and you can find cultural events all the time. It is so easy to fall in love for Lisbon. It’s one of the best European cities to visit. So, we invite you to discover it. We’re sure that at the end of this trip, you’ll only want one thing: to repeat.

Places to Visit in Lisbon


Belém Tower: one of the best known monuments of Lisbon. It was classified as World Heritage in 1983 and named one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal in 2007.

Padrão dos Descobrimentos: a monument that stands in the bank of Tejo in honor of our discoverers.

Jerónimos Monastery: the monumental testimony to the wealth of Portuguese Discoveries. It’s the highest point of Manueline architecture.

Pastéis de Belém Factory: one of the most popular specialties of Portuguese pastry. Indispensable stop for those who appreciate a good sweet.

Chiado: one of the most emblematic neighborhoods, it’s nowadays an important centre of commerce and one of the most cosmopolitan area of Portuguese capital.

Jorge Castle: Part of the prime area of the medieval citadel, stands on the highest Lisbon’s hill.

Lisbon Cathedral: national monument since 1910. Also known as Patriarchal Cathedral of St. Mary Major.

Parque das Nações: the proof that Lisbon is contemporary. It was the stage of Expo ’98. Now hosts other cultural activities.

Alfama Neighborhood: Must-visit for those who go through Lisbon. Alfama is the most genuine and authentic part of the city.

Terreiro do Paço: also known as the Commerce Square. It was the scene of many events as the 1755 earthquake and the Carnation Revolution, which abolished the dictatorship in Portugal.