Visit Sintra: the romantic capital

Located in Lisbon’s district, Sintra tells many stories of the Portuguese History. Sintra has passed many periods in its history: remained under Roman control, Muslim and Spanish. It was part of Portugal foundation, by the hand and sword of King Afonso Henriques and survived to the 1755 earthquake.  Nineteenth and twentieth century’s were the golden ages, when foreign travelers and Portuguese aristocracy had come rediscover the magic and beauty of Sintra.

And what is this magic of Sintra? The palaces, the mountains and the historic center. This noble villa won the title of Heritage of Humanity for the Cultural Landscape of Sintra.

Sintra was also residence and source of inspiration for Viana da Mota, Alfredo Keil, João Cristino da Silva, Eça de Queirós and Ramalho Ortigão. It’s undoubtedly a place of privileged landscapes and monuments, which should not be set aside on a visit to Portugal.

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